Theme: “HOBBY”.5 клас

Мета: виховувати поважне ставлення до хобі своїх однокласників, розвивати мовну здогадку,мовленнєві навички, творче мислення, тренувати у вживанні вивчених граматичних структур, активізувати лексичні навички мовлення сформовані на попередніх уроках,удосконалювати навички читання, письма та усного мовлення.

Тип уроку  комбінований

Обладнання: підручник О.Д. Карп’юк 5 клас, ілюстрації із зображенням хобі, ксерокопії із завданням для читання, комп’ютер,проектор.


The beginning of the lesson


T:Good morning children! How are you?

Ps: We are fine, thank you. And you?

T: I’m fine, thank you.

Phonetic Drill

T: Let’s start our lesson with the poem

I like reading comic books.

I always read a lot.

I like collecting action toys.

Sometimes it’s hard to stop.

I like swimming for our team.

We win a lot of races.

I like singing, painting, drawing …

I like hiking in wild places.

I like to study every day.

I like to jump, I like to run,

I like to play, it’s fun!

(After reading the poem some words are cleaned up by the teacher)

 The theme of the lesson.

T: Look at the  pictures and say what are we going to speak about.

T: The theme of our lesson is Hobby. Name the hobbies you can see on the pictures.

T: What is hobby?

P: A hobby is an activity we always like doing!

The main part of the lesson.

Grammar Training.

1)повторення вживання структур:

T:Let`s brush up in our memory the structures I am fond of/ I am interested in .

I am fond of


I am interested in

(Ha дошці записані вирази, діти повторюють за вчителем, перекладають.)

1) T: But before you make the sentences add — ing ending to the verbs.

As you remember ing ending is important with the verbs in these structures:

______(sing) songs                                      _______(listen)to music

______(take) photos                                   ________(watch) films

______(go) to the museum                      _________(read) books

______(collect) stamps                            _________(make) bird-houses

______(write) poems

2)T: Make up sentences using structures: I am fond of/I am interested in.

Hobby riddles:

T: Listen to the descriptions of the hobby. Name it.

This can be an indoor or outdoor activity. You need a ball to play. Are you tall?

 Do you like jumping? This is good for you!          (volleyball)

This is something to do with friends. It is an outdoor activity. Do you like the countryside? Do you like walking? This is a good activity for you!   (hiking)

Some people like to dance. Sometimes they go to special dance clubs or dance at home or go to the disco clubs.         (dancing)

They can play football or hockey, swim or run very well. People like to go to the stadium or they go to the sports ground.        (sports)

People like listening and singing songs. Some of them can go to special music schools.             (singing)

People can travel by car, by plane, by train, by plane or on foot. They like to visit different cities, countries. It helps them to learn history, geography, traditions.         (travelling)

Pair work

T: Divide the hobbies into two columns

Like Dislike


T: Write 3 or 4 of them. Ask each other:

T: What do you like doing?

P: I like …

T: Ask each other about likes and dislikes.

P: Do you like…?

P: Yes, I do. (No, I don`t). And you?

Dialogues. Checking home task.

T: Your home task was to prepare the dialogues.

Dialogue 1.

P: Do you have a hobby ……?

P: Yes, I do. And what about you?

P: I have a hobby too.

P: What is your hobby?

P: My hobby is playing computer games. And you?

P: I like playing tennis, it`s my  favourite hobby.

Dialogue 2

P: Have you got a hobby?

P: Yes, I have. And you? Have you got a hobby?

P: I enjoy collecting coins. I have a large collection of coins nearly about 250 coins. My father is a journalist, he brings them from different countries. And what do you like doing in your free time?

P: I like swimming. I go in for swimming for two years. I take part in competitions and I have 2 medals already. Besides, I like fishing.


T: Do you have a hobby? What is your hobby?

(Pupils tell about their hobbies, showing the pictures.)


T: Now we are going to read the text and do some tasks.

Many pupils of our school have interesting hobbies. Lara is 11 years old. She likes writing poems and painting pictures.

Tom is 15 years old and he has very interesting hobbies. He likes dancing,

designing Internet sites and playing the piano.

Robert is almost 13 years old. His hobbies are playing football and reading detective

stories. Our pupils do many interesting things and they are very busy.

They also love different subjects. Tom is the best pupil at math. Lara is good at art and literature and Robert is one of the best pupils at PE. Their hobbies help them study well too.

Tick T(true) or F(false).

Lara’s hobby is math.

Playing football is Robert’s hobby.

Lara is good at art.

Robert is 15 years old.

Tom is good at literature.

John is a reporter.

Tick the correct answer.

  1. How old is Robert? 13/ 16
  2. Who has the most hobbies? Lara /Tom
  3. Is Tom older than Robert? Yes/ No
  4. Who likes to play football? Robert/ Tom
  5. Is playing the piano Lara’s hobby? Yes/ No
  6. Who writes the article about hobbies? John /Tom

Pantomime work

The pupil shows some hobby, others guess it.


Find as many words as you can.

Summing up

T:So, children, let`s summarize our work at the lesson. What did you like to do at the lesson? Was it difficult for you?

T: Thank you for the lesson and good-bye!


1 Підручник О. Д. Карп’юк

2 Робочий зошит для 5 класу О. Д. Карп’юк

3 Навчальна програма для 5-9 класів загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів (за новим Державним стандартом базової і повної загальної середньої освіти).